The Pharmacy Technician and Support Staff
(pre and post qualification) Group

Nationally Recognised Competency Framework
for Pharmacy Technicians:
The Assessment of Medicines Management Skills


The development of a nationally recognised framework for the assessment of medicines management skills was commissioned by the NHS Pharmacy Education and Development Committee (PEDC) in response to the Department of Health White Paper ‘Equity & Excellence, Liberating the NHS’ and the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) agenda. The framework has been developed by a Working Group that includes medicines management pharmacy technician specialists and education and development specialists representing all regions within the United Kingdom. The Association of Pharmacy Technicians (APTUK) and Centre for Postgraduate Pharmacy Education (CPPE) are also represented. The approval of any programmes through this framework will be carried out under the authority of NHS PEDC.

This framework is intended to be used by training providers who:

  • Plan to develop medicines management training and assessment programmes for pharmacy technicians

  • Currently deliver medicines management programmes and wish to assess the quality of their programmes against a nationally recognised standard

The MMS framework is open to all organisations and sectors of pharmacy that have pharmacy technicians performing a medicines management role. Although it is recognised that the modules currently included consider roles that are predominantly carried out by hospital based pharmacy technicians, the framework is intended to be flexible in its approach. It is also hoped that, in the future, it will be broadened to include all levels/bands/responsibilities of the medicines management role in many sectors of practice.


The MMS framework is cognisant of others in existence and has built on existing work and experience across the whole of the UK, including the Framework for Pharmacy Technicians (FPT).

This framework aims to meet the needs of current medicines management roles for pharmacy technicians whilst recognising the development of extended roles and new skills.


How to get your scheme approved

Any training providers of medicines management training and assessment programmes can apply to have their schemes mapped against the standards of the national framework and nationally approved under the authority of the NHS Pharmacy Education & Development Committee (NHS PEDC). The approval panel members are occupational experts who have been designated by NHS PEDC.

Before a programme is submitted for approval, the programme lead must have assessed whether the programme fulfils the criteria of the framework. The submitted programme will then be assessed against criteria based on learning outcomes, methods of assessment and standards of practice for each module.

The approval process is open to NHS and non-NHS organisations. The fees are:


·         £150 per NHS application

·         £900 per non NHS organisation.

An invoice for payment will be issued when your application is received. A resubmission fee may be necessary if the application requires a full comprehensive second review.

For more information on the programme approval process, please refer to the approval application pack and the approval process map.


The dates of the upcoming approval meetings are:

27th January 2016

12th April 2016


The following Training Providers have formally applied for and received national approval of their Medicines Management Training and Assessment Programmes:  

·         South West Medicines Information & Training

·         North East Pharmacy Education & Training Office

·         London Pharmacy Education & Training

·         Kent Surrey Sussex Postgraduate Deanery Pharmacy Department

·         Welsh Centre for Pharmacy Professional Education

·         NHS East of England

·         Northern Ireland Centre for Pharmacy Learning & Development  

          Yorkshire and Humber Pharmacy Development Unit


Key documents

For more information on the framework or for help and guidance on completing the application form, please contact your nearest regional representative of the national framework steering group.

Working Group Members

Geographical area



South East Coast/South Central (South)

Gail Fleming (Chair)

Helen Knipe

Kent Surrey Sussex Postgraduate Deanery

South West

Sally Hall
(now NHS Shetland)

Ellen Williams
(Project Leads)

South West Medicines Information & Training (SWMIT)

South Central (North)

Dan Grant

Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

East of England

Melanie Boughen

NHS East of England (NSC)

East Midlands

Dina Wadher

University Hospitals of Leicester


Tess Fenn

Diane Blunden

Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust  and APTUK

London Pharmacy Education & Training

Yorkshire & Humber

Anne Mallon

Yorkshire and Humber Pharmacy Education

West Midlands and North West

Beth Barrett

Education Commissioning Development and Quality Team, Birmingham


Kath Stride

Welsh Centre for Post Graduate Pharmacy Education (WCCPE)

North East

Helen Fawcett

North East & Cumbria Pharmacy Education & Training

Northern Ireland (NI)

Julie Jordan

NI Centre for Pharmacy Learning and Development, Queen’s University, Belfast


Val Findlay

NHS Education for Scotland (NES)


Karen Wragg

Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE)