NHS Pharmacy Staffing Surveys


Surveys on NHS pharmacy staffing

Over the last 16 years, various surveys have been completed to define and describe pharmacy staffing, recruitment and retention issues in the NHS.

The National NHS Pharmacy Staffing Establishment and Vacancy Survey 2014 is now available below. Since 2008, all NHS organisations have been surveyed to provide a complete picture of the NHS-employed pharmacy workforce. A 100% response rate was achieved. The 2014 survey covered England, Wales and Northern Ireland; Scotland did not participate this year.

Please note NHS transition has resulted in pharmacy staffing in CCGs, CSUs and NHS England Area Teams being reported. The raw data, including details of the emerging NHS landscape with regards pharmacy staffing post 01 April 2013, can be obtained on request from Susan Sanders, facilitator of the survey, at susan.sanders@chelwest.nhs.uk .

Differences between National NHS Pharmacy Staffing Establishment & Vacancy Survey data and NHS Information Centre data:

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